Leaving sciCORE

sciCORE promotes best data-management practices and supports policies applicable at University of Basel for data which needs to be preserved to comply with the Research Integrity rules of University of Basel or other funding agencies like SNF (for more info please check: Research Data Management). The University has in particular established a regulation on Research Integrity, which requires processes and data to be preserved for at least 5 years after completion of a research project, in support of research reproducibility (Research integrity II.4.8: [pdf]).

sciCORE can help researchers or PIs in adhering to these requirement when leaving the university.

In this context, sciCORE has implemented the following processes:

1) Regarding data from collaborators in a research group leaving the university of Basel:

2) When a group leader leaves the university of Basel (joining a new organization, because of retirement, or other causes ...):


Deep storage

Deep storage is a tape-based storage solution for large datasets (typically > 1 TB) that are still formally part of an active research process, but do not require being accessed. When transferred to deep storage, data are not accessible to the researcher anymore. However data can be recalled upon request in case of need. (Data retrieval can take several days.)  Deep storage is not an archive: data redundancy and storage time are limited. As a general rule, data in deep storage will be deleted after 5 years. (The preservation period can be renewed, but will remain limited.)  However, deep storage can be seen as a staging area, before being transferred to a genuine archive system. (Data that need to be archived (long-term preservation, with high redundancy) must be stored in an environment offering that quality of service.)  Group leaders can consult the status of data they own in deep storage, by logging on the user account on the sciCORE web site: https://scicore.unibas.ch/ .

The corpus of regulations applicable at University of Basel is available here: https://www.unibas.ch/de/Universitaet/Rechtserlasse.html