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The manipulation machine:

Advances in artificial intelligence pervade social networks. Read the interview with data scientist Geoffrey Fucile on the curated self, bots and the battle over the definition of truth here.
#UniNova #SocialNetworks #DataTruth


sciCORE supports the #SUCHO initiative:
May 1, 2022

In response to the initiative of a researcher in musicology, and in support of the message of solidarity of University of Basel with Ukrainian scholars,  sciCORE is teaming with DaSCH, and Universitätsbibliothek Basel to offer a mirror of Ukrainian cultural heritage data collected in the SUCHO initiative. Currently data from over 3'500 websites of cultural value threatened by the war in Ukraine have found a safe haven through SUCHO.
#SUCHO #UniversityOfBasel #Ukraine


A new home for BioMedIT
March 31, 2022

We are part of providing a secure IT network for the responsible processing of health-related data.
Check out the launch of the brand new website!
#sciCOREmed #BiomedIT